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Jim Wellspeak, founder of AJ Engineering, received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts in 1961.  Early in 1962 he went to work for the engineering department at the Clark-Aiken Co. in Lee, Massachusetts. Clark-Aiken was then recognized as a world leader in the production of high speed sheeting equipment.  Mr. Wellspeak began his career as a Design Engineer and progressed to Director of Engineering, a position he held from 1972 to 1989.

During his 28 year tenure, he designed and installed over 75 different custom sheeting lines worldwide in the pulp, paper film, and printing industries.  A highlight of his career came in the early 1970's when he designed and developed the first U.S. manufactured synchronous double rotary sheeter using a two motor drive system.

As a result of his extensive experience, he is regarded by many people in the converting industry as an expert on sheeting and material handling equipment.

After the Clark-Aiken Company was sold in the late 1980's, it became part of a European conglomerate.  Recognizing this sale left very little room for U.S. manufacturers, Mr. Wellspeak formed AJ Engineering in 1989.

The name AJ Engineering is derived from the initials of company founder Jim Wellspeak and his wife Audrey (ladies first, of course). Jim provides the engineering expertise while Audrey takes care of the finances.

When the consulting business started expanding into providing machinery for his clients, Jim joined forces with Glenn VanOrman
, founder of G&M Machine.  The relationship with Glenn was established in the late 1970's when Glenn began an internship at Clark-Aiken Company.  Since then, the relationship and common work ethic of our companies has grown into a true friendship and business partnership. Although we work closely together, the two companies have remained separate entities, allowing both the ability to focus on their specialties.  AJE provides the Designs and G&M Machine performs the Manufacturing.

In 1995, Mike Wellspeak
joined the AJ Engineering team.  Originally, his task was to help in the drafting department and on field installations.  Since then, he has developed his skills in every aspect of the business including Machine Design, Electrical Design and Manufacturing.

Our future goals will continue to focus on providing custom-built machinery for the converting industry.  Our wealth of knowledge, work ethic and personal relationships in the industry should serve us well on the journey.

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